Property Inspections

For the first time, a technology developed specifically to streamline the time consuming task of property inspections, is being made available to private landlords. Utilised by over 500 real estate agencies in Australia and the United Kingdom in the two years since its launch, the Rentfind Inspector app (iPhone, iPad and Android devices) has proven its worth as a creator, generator and communicator of property inspection reports.

Photos / Comments

There are no limits to the number of photos or comments for any inspection

Reports and Inspections

The system enables you to perform both Entry and Exit Condition Reports and Routine Inspections

Voice recognition

Voice recognition for Android and Siri-enabled devices allows the inspection to be done verbally and converted to written form

Report sharing

Reports will be capable of being shared with the tenant and all reports generated during the term of a tenancy will be accessible by the tenant

Reusable Data

All data is reusable. The previous report can serve as the starting point for a new inspection. Significant time is saved through updating comments and adding new photos

Local Support

All development, support and training is local. Technical, support and training staff are accessible via phone or email

Get in Touch

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