Understand your Market

We have a deep knowledge of the Australian rental market through our association with the rentals only web site www.rentfind.com.au. This site is available for private landlords to advertise their upcoming or existing vacancies but the data contained within this site is the hidden gem for private landlords.

Rentfind has been advertising rental properties continually since 1998 and currently has over 1.2million rental properties in its database as well as 40,000 vacancies currently available for rent. Accounting for over one third of the entire Australian rental property market, this data is capable of giving the private landlord a meaningful snapshot of the market in which their property is located or any other market in which the private landlord has an interest.

The ability to access this information is in your hands. Mine2Manage offers you the opportunity to generate a report, either manually or automatically at a time determined by you each week, fortnight, month etc, and for you to determine what information you want to see. Vacancy rates, rental price movements, average vacancy periods, properties coming on the market or properties taken off the market – you decide what you want to know and drawing on data running through the Rentfind web site, Mine2Manage will keep you informed.

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